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A little 28 page cave-borne RPG adventure about harvesting valuable cysts from a sleeping creature, trying not to be killed by the horribly mutated infectious things that already tried that, and helping a wizard who recently lost all his friends and just wants to get his spellbook back.

How would I use this thing?
  1. As a terrible one-shot without consequences!
  2. Drop "Find the wizard Felix Longworm cowering by stones and a mournful tree" into your mountainous random encounter table of choice, and pull this out when the fates decide.
  3. If the cave is ignored something else will eventually be birthed out of it, so you get free campaign fodder if your players shake their heads and say "nope".
  4. Apart from the adventure it also contains a glorious suit of cursed armour, horrific explosives, four new spells, an adorable cut-out map for your players to put together as they explore, and some pretty neat light tracking mechanics, so there's that.

Written with Dungeons & Dragons and its spawn in mind but could be used with pretty much anything without too much fuss. If you're really not sure it's for you, you can read a full play report right here. Or you can listen to these intelligent and attractive folks:

"The best thing is how Logan didn't follow all the shitty practices of module writing and instead published the most functional adventure I've ever seen."

-Rob Monroe of Charm Monster who also wrote this lovely review.

"It is an aesthetically pleasing, pulsating, fleshy gem of a little dungeon. The hook involves alchemy and the natural history of something called the feathered swine. From there things get ugly. It's PWYW. What are you waiting for?"

-Ben L. of Mazirian's Garden.

"Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine could be written as a one page dungeon, but it’s not – and that’s what makes the adventure wonderful. There is so much detail, great situations, horrible obstacles that Feathered Swine transcends its simple cave adventure roots."

-Gus L. of Dungeon of Signs, who is guilessly objective with his reviews and still wrote this enormously positive recommendation.

"Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine went from fresh download to near-perfect LotFP session in a matter of a few hours, a rare alchemy that's worth its weight in philosopher's stone."

-Clint Krause, publisher of the Vacant Ritual Assembly zine and other things besides.

"One of the best intros to the old school mindset and it works for every system."

-Jarret Crader

"This is an interesting format that has some similarities to that used in the more recent Maze of the Blue Medusa. These formats recognize something important that most adventures do not: it’s meant to be run by the DM."

"Ooey ooky monsters well described. Horrific situations to encounter. Weird objects to bring back home. Easy to run by the DM. Imaginative, with a lot in common with the Weird Environments modules from Psychedelic Fantasies. Absolutely worth checking out."

-Review King Bryce Lynch of Ten Foot Pole.

Parasitic infections, stylishly cursed armour, amateur veterinary surgery, unreliable incendiary devices, edible mushrooms, spells unheard of, a wizard in need. Disgusting glory and lost limbs await you within